Friday, March 12, 2021
  • Pumpt Admin

How the letterbox has changed. Once feared as the place you collected your bills to pay now we do not need to worry about that as they are mostly electronic.

Especially during our first major lockdown the trusty letterbox was about the only place you could walk to each day. We looked forward to those online purchasing orders and inspiration from mailers to get you online shopping from home as we couldn’t go anywhere else.

We saw over lockdowns an increase across the nation of people tearing off their ‘no circs’ signs and getting back amongst it and our clients have had great success whether product or service based with their mailers.

The letterbox channel is still such a powerful media selection for only a few cents per unit for a nationwide campaign printed and distributed to be welcomed in households.

Rumour is our letterbox actual size will increase over time to be able to fit in more. We shall see…