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We love direct mail. Before the other bells and whistles, we started out as a response focused advertising service provider, so we understand what it is to be DIRECT.

We’re one of NZ’s largest users of unaddressed mail. We love it and do it very well. Now e-solutions are changing the way businesses interact with their clients on a one-to-one basis. We can help you ride this wave.

Pumpt will also look after your DM campaign from concept through production to execution. Let us take the strain, and leave you to do all of the other important things you have to do every day.

If Pumpt has a specialty, a favourite offspring, a most comfy T-shirt, then unaddressed mail is IT. We are unashamed to claim superiority in this field – we do a LOT of it, and we’re very good at what we do.

Do you want to reach more of your target market for less investment? Do you need help in coming up with some creative that will achieve great cut-through in the letterbox?

We actually love unaddressed mail, so let us show you why you should too!

For more, check out our targeting capabilities.
No, targeted unaddressed mail isn’t a contradiction in terms. It’s a well-kept secret that can save you money and increase your return on investment.

There are plenty of ways that Pumpt can help you sift through the dross to find and target your market, in their homes. We can slice and dice the market by household income, number or ages of children, age of occupants, type of employment and just about any criteria known to man. At Pumpt, we can get very creative and specific, finding innovative ways to single out your target market from the crowd.

Do you have a database of existing customers? We can analyse this information, identify some key attributes of your customers, and then go and find more households just like them! Or we can identify market profiles of the kind of people that buy from you, and target information directly to them. We can take the addresses of your customers (if you know them) and plot them all on maps for you. This will show how far will your customers drive to get to you and they’ll drive past a competitor on the way.

We know all about unaddressed mail – and targeting is the magic ingredient that could make all the difference to your campaign. Talk to us.
In this age of multimedia, everyone is subjected to a constant barrage of information virtually at all hours of the day. You have to really raise your voice to be heard above the screaming masses… Better still, whisper directly into the ear of your customer. With addressed mail, you can speak one-to-one with your potential customer and engage them completely. We can help you every step of the way, from designing and printing the collateral to be posted, personalizing it en masse, and arranging postage through NZ Post.

There are also fantastic personalization technologies available today that can take your addressed mail to the next level. Why not change the size of your font depending on the age of your clients to help your older recipients to read your message without hunting for their glasses! Change the sexy picture on the front of your envelope depending on the gender of your customer – or even alter the products on offer depending on past purchasing history? This is a brave new world of personalization, and we love being pioneers.
How often are you talking to your customers? If you’re sending out an email newsletter once a quarter, you’re missing the point. If you’re not sending one at all, you’re missing out.

Pumpt has email marketing down to a fine art, and we have all of the technology to make it easy for you as well. Let us get involved in your next email-out. We can hold your hand all the way or just give you the tools you need, some friendly advice and point you off into the wide word of email newsletters. The choice is yours and the possibilities are, well, endless.

 Our last flyer drop had one of the highest lead generation rates than any flyers we have done before.
We measure this by the 0800 number and people who mention on the website enquiry form that it prompted them to seek Caci. 

Melissa - Marketing Account Manager
Caci Clinic