You probably get contacted every day by people selling media such as TV, radio, billboards, newspapers…

There seems to be no limit to what you can stick something into or onto! However, not all of them will necessarily help you to achieve your business goals. This is where we can add value with practical, impartial advice on what would suit your objectives best.

You’ll find some of the available options below. Talk to us today about what you want to achieve, and let us help you make it happen.

If you think that Radio and TV are too hard, too expensive, and too scary to attempt, let us help - without charging you the earth. We understand that small budgets can be a reality in business, so we'll help you make every last cent worthwhile. We don't charge massive management fees or pass on inflated costs.

We've even staged a television commercial shoot in the director's house, using his wife, son, and dog as talent - all so that we could meet some strict budgetary requirements. We really will go the extra mile for our clients.

If you want to do something a little less conventional than sticking an ad in the paper, ambient advertising could be the answer. Ambient advertising is about thinking about the consumer first, then finding a way to reach them.

Need to reach kids? What about chalk stencils at the zoo? Students? Let's stick some funky posters up, guerrilla style, around the university. Urban professionals? Let's hit the bars on Friday night with a projector and some wicked graphics, and really light up the place.

Ambient media is a truly revolutionary way to advertise, and the only limit is your imagination and how far you want to go. Every product launch should have an ambient component to get everyone talking.

Billboards can be simple, quick and cost-effective... if you know how. Pumpt can save you time, money and heartache if you let us help you with your billboard campaign. From creative through design, production, and placement, we've got the skills and the drive to make this very popular media form work for you.

Turn your business into a rolling billboard - Pumpt has a diverse range of vehicle signage to meet your needs, from vehicle magnetics to full display digital graphics. Get noticed and become instantly identifiable when you're out and about. See your brand name and imagery come to life on your car.

We can get professional custom graphics onto any type of vehicle, so your single car or entire fleet of trucks and vans will be transformed with striking vehicle sign writing.

You're probably contacted every day by newspaper and magazine reps asking you to put an ad in their publication. With a bit of planning, analysis, and know-how, Pumpt can help you get maximum value from this form of advertising. Our services includes measurement of the return on this investment. And we'll even save you money by helping you buy better.

 Just been getting some feedback for the bulbs promotion that I thought I would share with you. This looks to be the best two weeks we have had since the start of the year! YOY we are up about 6% which is pretty impressive.

The stores have said how good the refreshed look is, including the point of sale. 

Janalle - Marketing Manager
Palmers Franchise Systems