Sunday, August 11, 2013
  • Pumpt Admin
DirectMail In the last few weeks we have received direct mail from a) Google b) Trademe c) Vista Print, all massive online companies. The first two get most of their revenue from paid advertising on their own network. So why do they still spend a lot of money on direct mail? The reason is simple. Just because you are strong online and have an online business, having only an online promotional budget is limiting. Correct target marketing is about identifying your desired audience and choosing media that gets the attention of this audience. As experts in both addressed and unaddressed mail, we see the positive effects of a well thought out integrated approach for our retail clients. And yet we see a one eyed approach to online advertising all the time. “We are going all online” is akin to saying, “We are unsure of who our customers are so let’s just do what seems fashionable and allocate 100% budget to online until I lose my job/business for the rapid breakdown in our sales pipeline” Bit drastic but it happens daily. Just Google “Pepsi online media market share” or visit