Friday, March 7, 2014
  • Pumpt Admin
You’re not just looking to distribute to letterboxes, you’re looking to run a successful letterbox marketing campaign, right?  But how do you get your letterbox material to stand out from the rest, inspire your target audience AND convince them to take action? The secrets out! Start with these tips, then talk to Pumpt!   Set a realistic goal to measure your campaigns success by.. Before starting work on a  direct-mail campaign (or any advertising for that matter), set a realistic goal to measure its success. Look at your average store visits, inbound phone calls, website visits or bookings during a similar period – how much would you like to increase this by? Look at the total cost of the campaign, how many flyers you will be distributing and your average customer spend – We hate to be the bearer of bad news but no advertising will work 100 per cent. The truth is that reaching 10,000 people will not guarantee you 10,000 new customers. But for example, if you’re distributing 10,000 flyers, at a campaign cost of $1,500, and your average customer spend is $150, even at a response rate as low as just 1%, your total revenue will be $15,000 with $10 revenue generated for every $1 you invest in your campaign! Not that we’re saying you will get a low response rate, just outlining that sometimes even a small response rate may be all that’s required to get the results you want and a worthwhile return on investment. Is your offer irresistible? Just getting your business under consumers’ noses isn’t always enough to make them do something. Your goal should be to not only reach them, but to also get them to act. To achieve this, you need an irresistible “call to action” that will have them reaching for their phone, computer or wallet. You don’t always need huge discounts, but your offer should be catered to your target market and directly contribute to your goal. For example, if you want a twenty more coffees sold in your café daily as a result of the letterbox drop, your offer could be “Free muffin with every coffee purchased – this week only!” Is your flyer memorable? Design your flyers with your target market in mind, keep it fresh and unique. Run your flyer design past people who fit your target market, and ask:
  1. Does it catch their attention?
  2. Does it make them want to act?
  3. Do they understand the message?
Frequency is key! Ever noticed something of interest to you, and then struggled to remember it later? This is the challenge for any business in any kind of advertising. There are lots of reasons that everyone you’re targeting may not see your campaign the first time around. Even if they do, there’s no guarantee they will be interested at that time. How many times have you received a flyer and immediately reached for the phone? Chances are your customers won’t need you the minute they receive your flyer, but they will do at some point in the future. Frequent distributions make sure they remember your business when this moment comes along. Now that you’ve been through the basics, the next step it to talk to Pumpt!  With over 50 years collective experience in letterbox, print, direct mail & design, our friendly team can help you plan an affordable, effective letterbox campaign today!