Wednesday, July 14, 2021
  • Pumpt

Proper Pizza is a familiar sight on O’Connel Street in Auckland’s CBD but has recently bought their unique pizza’s and authentic gelato to the Coast Plaza in Whangaparaoa. The team at Proper Pizza wanted a tailor made and dynamic marketing campaign to let their new community know that they were open and ready to deliver on their promise of authentic, handmade pizza with quality guaranteed.

Pumpt put together a marketing strategy that stretched across both print and digital; introducing the client to the world of letterbox distribution, designing and producing store menus, brand new loyalty cards, advertising in the local newspaper and even getting them a spot on a billboard right next door to the plaza!

Our client wanted brand awareness to be at the forefront of their campaign and lives by the idea that once a customer tries a Proper Pizza, they fall in love and the rest is history. Our objective was to get the Proper Pizza brand into the minds of potential customers and foot traffic through the doors. Using a variety of media channels over a short space of time allowed us to get the name Proper Pizza into households in a variety of ways but also increased the chance of potential customers seeing the brand in more than one place to keep them top of the list when deciding where to eat!

We’re proud to say that not only did our marketing campaign work; it blew all our clients expectations out of the water. The campaign was so successful, the team at Proper Pizza got to the point where they ran out of pizza bases and had to stop all deliveries due to demand and needing all hands on deck in store!

Our client had never committed to a letterbox distribution campaign before and was hesitant about whether it would be successful, so we encouraged them to include some vouchers on their mailer to help give an idea of how responsive customers were to the mailer. It didn’t take long once the vouchers started to be redeemed for our client to realise that the letterbox distribution had been the most successful part of their opening campaign. The client was thrilled and has ensured us that we have converted them to letterbox distribution and it is something that they will be doing again as part of their ongoing marketing plan.

It was really important to our client that their brand became a household favourite in their new community and that they had the opportunity to continue providing exceptional food and service in their new home on the Coast. If you’re in the area and fancy an authentic pizza (we personally recommend the Apple Crumble if you feel like something sweet!), you can find them at 719 Whangaparaoa Road, Stanmore Bay or head online to order on


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