Thursday, March 19, 2020
  • Pumpt Admin

Just a quick note as appreciate we are all in challenging times right now so do not want to take up too much time with a lengthy message but just wanted to let you know the team are here (taking our Vitamin C daily doses) and if things do progress we have an action plan now firmly in place so the team can all work remotely to keep working on your business which is so important to us.

We have already seen from some of our clients an increase in wanting to get their marketing out through the proven letterbox media channel as this is a media that is welcomed into the home in a safe and trusted environment and also with the spike in online shopping this is getting used to promote websites and to promote to consumers where they can get further information about your business and services as print is still the number one driver to online. So if you want to chat more about this or other marketing strategies that can be used right now we are here.

Our thoughts are with you as we all navigate through this.

Your team at Pumpt Advertising