Friday, July 17, 2020
  • Pumpt Admin

The July edition of Pursuit of Hoppiness has now hit your local bars and cafes! There are many interesting articles to read through, so give it a gander while you are enjoying a cold bevy at your local pub. There are articles that range from drinking alcohol while in lockdown, to the evolution of beer, as well as loving local beer and touring new Zealand to get a taste of it. Also, don’t miss out on finding the winners for the New World Beer & Cider Awards!

The creative team at PUMPT enjoyed putting this edition together, as always - but we’d like to say a huge thanks to Double Vision Brewing for supplying the awesome cover illustration, that is reminiscent of ‘Rosie the Riveter’. This strong image of our Prime Minister, flexing her muscles, is for the DVB Ardern-inspired beer ‘Juice Cinda’. $2 per pint goes towards Kiwi mental Health (The Key to Life charitable trust), as these are tough times given the stresses of the Covid pandemic and lockdown. As the beer company states, “The spirit of this new recipe comes to you as a celebration of kindness, resilience and local support.”

So, celebrate resilience with us and enjoy this wonderful craft brewing magazine out in print now.

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