Monday, August 21, 2017
  • Pumpt Admin

One of our valued clients, Bed Bath and Beyond, is 22 years old in NZ this week.

While we are proud of our association with them and our contribution to their marketing, they are also a retail success story. While others in retail have struggled over the last decade BB&B has grown consistently, and doing the opposite of what many retailers are doing - they are actually pushing further into regional New Zealand rather than withdrawing from it.

Retail is not dead, it evolves, to cater for changing consumer preferences. A physical presence ‘the shopfront’ is a competitive advantage, rather than an unnecessary overhead. There is more science to running a competitive retail operation that just finding a store and dumping some product in it.

So congratulations to our valued client Bed Bath and Beyond, for their 22 years in New Zealand, and rather than just surviving - growing and evolving.