Thursday, May 21, 2020
  • Pumpt Admin
Our client Edubase is an organisation specialising in the care of pre-school children as home based child care. They sought out PUMPT late last year and we partnered with them and developed an advertising strategy that would elevate their two brands, Kids at Home and Home Grown Kids.

The brief was to lift the brand presence, target parents who could be interested in home based childcare for their kids and also target the educators as they were needing more qualified teachers to grow the businesses. So we had a lot to consider with this brief and how to not confuse the messaging and keep it simple all in the same comms. With a mandate to produce a Christmas Promotion we had only six weeks to get underway and complete a finished campaign ready for the Christmas break. We digested a full download of the business to know exactly how we would build the campaign.

The promotion and communication needed to be sensitive and give confidence to the families with kids. We really wanted to include the kids themselves and make them the hero component of the campaign. As it was peak advertising xmas silly season we needed our plan to have a bit of difference and stand out. They were needing to have enrolments growing for when the new year kicked off so we had to go now. So our strategy included a print and letterbox campaign and radio advertising. For the print and distribution channel we needed to do a targeted letterbox drop across most of New Zealand.

We created a Colouring In Competition so it would attract parents and kids. We needed to do this for both brands. The flyer was specifically designed to consist of some very important messaging about the services but included an outline of the logo’s for each of the businesses as Christmas decorations and these shapes were to be cut out, coloured in and hung on your Christmas tree with creative flair. Parents would then take a photo of the decoration and enter via Facebook and the winners would be chosen and supermarket voucher prizes would be handed out. An incentive for kids and parents to get involved and in the Christmas spirit.

Next, a national Radio Campaign spanning two weeks, telling parents all about the advantages of home care for their kids as well as encouraging parents who might want to be educators themselves to come make an enquiry. We needed to write a script, produce a voice over and jingle, and then secure an awesome radio spot schedule to maximise the most reach and frequency – easy!

Well Merry Christmas it was for us, as over the Christmas holidays many competition entries were turned into valuable leads and the radio jingles were so catchy we were all humming them around the office.

This strategy provided Edubase with the much needed exposure they were looking for, with the added bonus of formulating a wealth of data for future lead generation. Success and the client was thrilled!

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