Wednesday, August 21, 2013
  • Pumpt Admin


As with any form of media, the relevance to your audience and the way that media is consumed has to be a part of the questions being raised when selecting promotional channels. Pumpt does a lot of targeted mailers – letterbox distribution and direct mail is not at the sexier end of the media spectrum, but it sure works for retailers! We are amazed at how many media buyers don’t really understand direct to home retail promotions. In saying that, just because we are good at it, doesn’t mean that we shove it into a solution where the client has clearly identified a target audience that does not suit that media. “Square peg, round hole” kind of thing. But it happens daily. And it really comes down to personal or client prejudices or own experience rather than a well-founded understanding of the businesses target audience. No media is good or bad, it’s the way it’s used. Be good with your media.