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Tuesday, August 23, 2016
  • Pumpt Admin

Given the rising value of land and the current property market, Auckland home owners now have a high incentive to renovate and make modifications to their homes. This is especially prevalent after all of the recent issues with the leaky home crisis. We have access to an extremely useful information tool which has allowed us to map out and calculate the numbers of homes in high concentration areas that are affected by the crisis. Attached are maps of Auckland which show the highest concentration of homes built between 1995-2004 – timber framed homes suffering from weather tightness problems.

Here we have a prime opportunity for you to target these home owners with information about your company as to how you can help with their renovations or to potentially rectify any leaky home issues. At Pumpt we have years of experience with print and letterbox distributions and have a strong understanding and proven track record of their effectiveness. It is a great tool for providing information and spreading the word to prospective buyers.

We have maps and breakdowns to reach your local areas, and can put these flyers into these high concentration zones for as little as 10 cents per home. Contact us now on reno@pumpt.co.nz or call 094760830 and Quote ‘RenoProject'

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