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Cut through the noise and get your business noticed! Whether you’re after brand design or a simple flyer design, we can make it stand out and get heard.


Print It

We know print, and we know what you need. You need speed, you need accuracy and you need it at a good price.

You need Pumpt.


Deliver It

We LOVE direct mail and that’s why we’re so good at it! Let us help you get your message delivered to new and existing customers by using our marketing and profiling tools.



You probably get contacted every day by people selling  various media… There seems to be no limit to what you can stick something into or onto! However, not all of them will necessarily help you to achieve your business goals.  Talk to us today about what you want to achieve, and let us help you make it happen.



Creating integrated online experiences is an exciting field with immense potential. But it can be difficult to fathom what is right for your business, where your investment is best spent and how to measure the return. We have the experience, tools and objectivity to help you get maximum bang for your buck on the Internet.




About Pumpt

The Pumpt team, is well, Pumped! It is a basic requirement for working here that we are enthusiastic about helping grow our clients business. And we have been doing so successfully for over a decade. We love a challenge and pride ourselves in creating “firsts” for our clients in terms of complexity of solution and delivery of outstanding service.

The other thing you will notice about us is that we are fast. We know that if you are a frustrated business or marketing manager and you want something done, you probably want it done NOW. Well, no problem, as long as we get the info we need and you sign off, we are on our way.

Dominic Sutton, Director


Our business is such that deadlines can’t be missed for national launch dates, and even with some very tight timelines Pumpt have consistently delivered while keeping within budget and without compromising quality.

David Herrick – Head of Marketing
SUBWAY FAF New Zealand

Pumpt has always been very efficient and helpful with our external marketing requirements. We have found the service from all personnel very friendly, helpful and professional. This is why we have and continue to use Pumpt for our local area marketing.

Andrew Lucas – Director
The Coffee Club New Zealand

I have been utilising Pumpt Advertising’s services for the past five years, predominately for the print and distribution of localised promotions for our 170 Firestone retail outlets throughout New Zealand. The combination of excellent technical knowledge, competitive pricing and the best service in the print and distribution category make Pumpt Advertising a great business partner. Dominic and his team are customer focused.

Craig Latta – Marketing Manager
Bridgestone New Zealand Limited

Our last flyer drop had once of the highest lead generation rates than any flyers we have done before.
We measure this by the 0800 number and people who mention on the website enquiry form that it prompted them to seek Caci.

Melissa Bailey – Marketing Account Manager
Caci Clinic

See More Testimonials

See More Testimonials

The Pumpt Crew

We can't promise they won't bite

- Dominic Sutton - Director

- Dominic Sutton - Director

Commander In Chief
I started Pumpt in 2003 after seeing a need in the market for an integrated advertising solution, where clients could come to one place and reach a team of experts who can provide knowledge, experience, competitive prices – and do it fast! And so, Pumpt was born – we have grown to now service an array of New Zealand and Australia’s best retailers. I am proud that many of our clients have grown with us, and over half of our clients have been with us over five years. Things that really get me pumped are creating new business ideas, travel, and torque.
- Michael Revill - General Manager

- Michael Revill - General Manager

GM (aka Giant Man)
As General Manager of the Pumpt Group I oversee customer relations and business functions. My primary focus is on cultivating strategic partnerships to optimise revenue generation and brand awareness for our Pumpt customers. In past leadership positions I have played a pivotal role in creating successful company start-ups, design led building solutions, multi-faceted marketing strategies and e-commerce platforms. What keeps me pumping every day is developing strong relationships with clients, sparking strong, creative conversation about their goals, and leading the Pumpt team to exceed those goals.
- Logan Wedgwood - Account Director

- Logan Wedgwood - Account Director

The Body
I’m a friendly sort that does what he says he will. My role as Account Director here at Pumpt means I’m responsible for sales as well as implementing my clients’ marketing activity across all channels. The best part about my job is that Pumpt gives me the tools and team to make sure my clients are well looked after, and accountability for delivering on our promises.
In my free time I like the beach, beer, rock concerts, renovating, driving/riding and generally enjoying good company.
- Kat Parry - Operations Manager

- Kat Parry - Operations Manager

General Dog's Body #1
I joined the Pumpt team in 2010, in a nut-shell my role includes looking after all of the day-to-day Pumpt operations, making sure everything runs smoothly and I’m also Dom’s P.A. (keeping him in line is not as easy as it sounds!) I’ve always got one eye on what’s happening with our clients, and if your account manager is ever away it’s normally me who’ll be looking after you (don’t worry, we don’t let them out very often, and I’ve got you covered!)
I love concerts and try to get to as many comedy gigs as I can, there is nothing better in life than a good laugh!
- Paul Johnson - Finance Manager

- Paul Johnson - Finance Manager

General Ledger
Having spent the last 20 years providing day to day accounting functions for a manufacturing & distribution company, I joined Pumpt at the end of 2010. My role is to provide the check and balances to the fast pace environment that is Pumpt, and keep all of this lot in line!
I’m a Pom (don’t hold that against me, I try not to whinge too much) and immigrated to this beautiful country with my family in 2009.
I love driving around a go-kart track, embracing the kiwi lifestyle & tea (obviously!).
-Angela Dall-Hjorring- Account Manager

-Angela Dall-Hjorring- Account Manager

Trivia Tyrant
After starting my working life as an Event Planner at a large advertising agency, I gradually moved into working with print and distribution and enjoy the fast-paced nature of the industry. I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing the work we produce generating real results for our clients.
In the summer I’m always at the beach and in the winter I enjoy trail running and soaking in hot pools in Rotorua. I also enjoy reading, watching foreign movies and doing anything artistic.
- Sophie McClymont - Account Manager

- Sophie McClymont - Account Manager

Sporty Spice
I joined the Pumpt team in 2012, as an Account Manager my role involves looking after key clients as well as securing new business. My favourite part of my job is working in the Pumpt team environment, and working with my clients to help achieve their advertising and business goals. The fast paced nature of Pumpt means we are always on the go which keeps my job challenging & exciting! I get my kicks out of training & competing for squash & getting positive feedback from clients.
- Tori Herries - Graphic Designer

- Tori Herries - Graphic Designer

Design Goddess
My job is to visually bring all of our creative advertising ideas to life. I work on all kinds of designs – from simple flyers to full-on magazines. The best part about my role is getting to work with major brands and helping them to create unique and eye-catching material to promote their company. I love being able to work on jobs that require original and exciting design briefs, rather than your run of the mill advertising material. I’m a born and raised North Shore girl who loves the beach, family and helping others!
- Craig Gordon - Account Executive

- Craig Gordon - Account Executive

My role here at Pumpt involves building solid relationships with my clients, ensuring campaigns are executed effectively and ensuring all the t’s are crossed and i’s dotted. Besides working hard, I love to play hard. Whether I am rocking out at a gig, playing a bit of sport with my mates or going on a road trip, I like to keep busy having fun. I grew up in West Auckland and I always feel at home when my feet are getting burnt by the hot summer sand on Piha beach.
- Josh Aislabie - Account Coordinator

- Josh Aislabie - Account Coordinator

Fresh Off The Boat
After working in advertising and sales for the last nine years I have learned the value of client service, which includes both listening to what is needed and delivering on what you promise – every time. I like to collaborate with clients to determine what success looks like up front so we are all working together towards a common goal. If this is your first advertising campaign or you’re simply looking to strengthen your position within the market I’ll be making sure your business is well and truly Pumpt.
- David McLean - Graphic Designer

- David McLean - Graphic Designer

The Bay Boy
I’ve recently joined the team here at Pumpt as a graphic and web designer. What drives me is creating exciting visual experiences, through the use of engaging designs and new web technologies, and jumping head-first into website projects that come my way. I recently moved to Auckland from the windy city of Wellington, where I lived for the last 8 years. I love escaping the big city in the summer time by hitting the beaches (especially Waimarama beach back in the Hawkes Bay), as well as watching everything sport.
- Shari Sutton - Digital Consultant

- Shari Sutton - Digital Consultant

Website Whisperer
I’ve been part of the Pumpt contract team for coming up to 10 years now, what can I say… they’re like family.  I get my kicks from learning new and exciting things on the ever changing landscape that is known as the interweb.  What else gets me Pumpt?  Travel (with lots of sunshine), socialising with friends and my lovely wee lads!

Pumpt Blog

What's been happening

Fresh Living Summer Issue – In Stores Now!

palmers_blogFilled with ideas for your Summer garden, all the details on Lynda Hallinan’s new TV series ‘Get Growing’, plus wall gardens, edible gardens, and pages of fantastic gift ideas!

To the readers excitement we have increased this issue of Fresh Living to 24 pages and it is jam-packed with helpful hints!

Palmers Planet are also excited to announce the opening of the new Westgate Palmers Planet, grand opening on December 6th

Visit your local Palmers Planet & get your copy of Fresh Living today!

Mad Group Wins NZ’s 8th Fastest Growing Company

mad mexCongratulations to Mad Group who have been voted NZ’s 8th fastest growing company today at the Deloitte Fast 50 New Zealand.

After coming back from researching business concepts abroad these guys went mad on food! They realized there was a gap in the health food space in NZ and launched franchises Habitual Fix and Mad Mex, with a delicious growth figures of 722.97%.

They’ve also just opened a new Mad Mex location at The Base in Hamilton, so make sure you check it out!

Love Living & Love Giving Summer Edition – Now In Store & Online!

living&giving_blogThe Summer edition is filled with a whole variety of ideas for a festive, family Christmas and your best-ever Kiwi summer!

Living & Giving have you sorted with kiwi Christmas decorations, gifts from the kitchen, all things yellow, delicious scents for your home and the Zoku Ice-Cream maker!

Plus, be in to win a Le Creuset Soleil stoneware set – visit your local Living & Giving for your copy, or check it out online now!

Retail Watch – September 2014

Total retail spend in New Zealand for the 28 days ending 28 September 2014 was $2,521.4 million. This represents an increase of 1.7% from the previous 28 days and an increase of 3% from the 28 days ending 28 September 2013.

Spending significantly increased in the Clothing & Footwear, Department Stores, Home & Building Supplies and Recreation & Entertainment and the Books & Stationery Stores categories compared to the previous 28 days. All but 3 categories increased year on year.

The Furniture/Appliances/Electronics category had a negative month, with 8 of the 16 regions seeing negative spend compared to September last year. In this category, Gisborne, Marlborough and Northland saw decreases in spending of 23.7%, 13.7% and 11% respectively. In contrast to this, the Tasman region saw an increase of 24.9% in this category. Year on year, Department Stores saw positive spending throughout the category, with the highest increase being 17.4% in the Southland region and the lowest increase being 0.3% in Nelson. Home & Building Supplies also saw a positive month across all regions, with the exception of the West Coast region which saw a decrease of -17.2%.

Clothing & Footwear saw a percentage increase across all regions. With the changing seasons, and the need for a new wardrobe, Marlborough saw the highest increase of 24.5%, Bay of Plenty saw an increase of 14% and Waikato increased by 10.8% compared to August 2014. Recreation & Entertainment saw some of the largest spend increases, with Taranaki, Otago and Southland seeing increases of 35. 4%,32.5% and 19.3% respectively.

Total quarterly retail spend in New Zealand for the 28 days ending 28 September 2014 was $8,277.2 million. This was a slight decrease of -0.4% compared to the prior quarter but an increase of 4.2% against the same quarter last year.

Unlike the month-on-month spend, Clothing & Footwear saw a decrease in spending compared to the previous quarter. With an overall spend of $443.9 million; the category had a percentage decrease of 13%. Travel & Accommod-ation also saw a negative quarter with an overall decrease of 4% compared to the previous quarter.

Making up 34% of spending for the quarter, Supermarkets/Food Retailers only saw a slight increase of 1.4% compared to the previous quarter, with a total spend of $2,795.3 million. Similarly, Fuel/Service Stations made up 12% of spending for the quarter, but only saw an overall increase of 0.4% against the previous quarter.

Total online retail spend in New Zealand for the 28 days ending 28 September 2014 was $238.2 million. This represents a decrease of -5.7% from the previous 28 days and an increase of 2.3% from the 28 days ending 28 September 2013.

Although Travel & Accommodation saw a decrease of -10.1% against August 2014 and an -8.7% decrease against September 2013, the category still made up 48% of the monthly category share. After a significantly high increase last month, the Home and Building Supplies category has seen a decrease of -36.3% against last month. However, year on year the category continues to grow. With a total monthly spend of only $1.3 million, the result should be interpreted with caution as it has been taken from a very small base.

The highest percentage increase against last year came from the Department Stores category which saw a 44.7% incease. Online shopping is becoming increasingly more popular, with more department stores choosing to offer online shopping as an option to their customers in order to stay up to date with their competitors.

Books and Stationery Stores regularly show negative spend in Retailwatch, however against last year there has been an increase in spend through online purchases. This could be due to lower prices found online.

Online retail spends for New Zealand compared to overseas merchants saw total spends of $122.7 million and $115.5 million respectively. This was a slight increase of 1.4% for New Zealand against August 2014 and an increase of 6.2% for offshore merchants. The shift towards global purchasing is steadily increasing, with offshore merchants seeing a 19.5% increase against last year whilst spending in New Zealand saw a decrease of -3%.

Credit for this post belongs to DATAMINE

Retail Watch – August 2014

Shopping PicTotal retail spend in New Zealand for the 28 days ending 28 August 2014 was $2,479.7 million. This represents a decrease of -2.0% from the previous 28 days and an increase of 3.2% from the 28 days ending 28 August 2013.

Spending increased in the Home & Building Supplies category and decreased in the Clothing & Footwear, Department Stores, Furniture/Appliances/Electronics and Recreation & Entertainment categories compared to the previous 28 days.

Compared to July, Home & Building saw the highest increase of 5.1%. For this category, there were percentage increases in 12 of the 16 regions observed, with the exception of Gisbourne, Tasman, Southland and Bay of Plenty that saw decreases of -9.7%, -7.2%, -4.7% and -3.2% respectively.

Recreation and Entertainment saw decreases across every region with the exception of Nelson and Tasman resulting in an overall decrease of -13.1% against the prior month. Despite large decreases in some regions, Tarankai was down -27% for example, spending in the category was only down -0.7% overall against figures from August 2013.

Categories such as Café/Restaurants/Bars, Department Stores and Travel & Accommodation each saw spending go down against the prior month but saw an increase year on year. This was also the case for total retail spend overall with a decrease of 2% against July 2014 but a 3% increase from last year.

Total quarterly retail spend in New Zealand for the 28 days ending 28 August 2014 was $8,184.1 million. This was a slight decrease of -1.9% compared to the prior quarter and an increase of 3.1% against the same quarter last year.

Cafés/Restaurants/Bars had an overall spend of $1,014.3 million for the quarter which was an increase of 7.7% against the same quarter last year and an increase of 0.2% against the previous quarter. On the other hand, Clothing & Footwear had a negative quarter dropping by -8.2% compared to the previous quarter and -2.1% compared to the same quarter last year.

People were getting into their DIY in August with Home & Building Supplies spending up 3.2% year on year. This translated into a strong quarter year on year up 2.7% but could not compete with the prior quarter and was down -5.7%.

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